The Lightning Port will be discontinued in the new iPhones and only Type C will be used

The Lightning Port

According to EU regulations, Apple is going to discontinue the Lightning Port that has been used in iPhones for a long time, and the new models of iPhones that they will produce again will include only a Type C charging port instead of the Lightning Port charging port.

Since 2012, Apple has used Lightning Port charging ports and charging cables exclusive to other Android phones in all its products, including the iPhone. At that time, Android phones used the Micro USB system, and later Android phones changed to the better Type C, which became the standard.

All Android phones around the world use only Type C, and because of the advantages of Type C, iPhone users have requested to switch to Type C in iPhones, but Apple did not change, and it was only confirmed this week that it will abandon the Lightning Port and switch to Type C due to mandatory pressure from the EU.

An Apple official said

the company has no choice but to comply with local laws around the world. Apple had to change the use of Type C instead of the Lightning Port in iPads released in 2021 due to market demand.

However, due to the wide availability of existing models in the market, Lightning charging cables will continue to be widely sold in the market for a few years. AirPods headphones, including this year’s iPhones; the first-generation Apple Pencil; and the Magic Mouse There are still a wide range of products on the market that use Lightning charging cables, such as the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard. Lightning chargers will continue to be available for those using these products.

Abandoning the Lightning Port and changing to Type C may initially be inconvenient for dedicated iPhone users, but in the long run, such a change will be an improvement for iPhone owners, and it will be more convenient to use only Type C in all products.

Apple has confirmed that it will comply with the EU’s decision to produce Type C phones by the end of 2024, but has said that it will take time for the change, so it is unclear whether products will switch to Type C in 2023 or after 2024. In addition, it will be changed according to EU specifications, so it is not confirmed whether Type C will be changed only for the European market or for the global market.