Stew or Stew Croquettes

Stew or Stew Croquettes

Anyone who does not enjoy homemade croquettes!… We have been explaining to you for a long time how to make delicious chicken croquettes, and in this case we will take advantage of the leftovers of a Madrid stew. We are going to prepare soup croquettes or croquettes soup, depending on the type of soup you make. You can also try them with leftover mountain soup or any other type

It’s easy to make them at home. Children can take it in their hands, and it is very simple to make; the most important thing is to wrap the children in the you In this way, the work you will do is very good.

I do a lot of things for you.Those who do not eat on that day should freeze them. In this way, take them out and freeze them. not just a good salad or stir-fry with a vegetable. Dinner will be over shortly.

Recipe for cooked or stewed croquettes

Ingredients (about 40 croquettes)

Stew or stewed meat (chicken, pork, etc.)
1 hard-boiled egg
1 onion
4 spoons of wheat flour
About 750 ml of milk
A piece of cinnamon
A little salt
3 or 4 eggs
Bread crumbs
Virgin or virgin olive oil

How to make stew or cooked croquettes

Croquettes with meat filling

We cut all the meat well with scissors (I do it this way). My toddler doesn’t like finding big chunks in the croquettes, and we reserve.
Peel and thinly slice an egg and keep it.
Peel and dice an onion, and fry it in a pan with virgin or virgin olive oil. When it changes color, add the flour we have cooked a little, then add the chopped chicken and egg. Mix for a minute.

Croquettes bechamel

Now we start adding milk; I do it bit by bit. While mixing the circles with fruit spoons, I added a spoonful of nutmeg and a pinch of salt. I have added about 750 ml of milk. But that’s an estimate; the dough should be soft but flexible. It will be done when it starts to peel away from the pan walls. It will thicken as it cools.
Once done, we have to put the dough in a tray, preferably a low one. Cover with kitchen paper (this will absorb the moisture that will develop in the refrigerator); Then come the movie, and if you can’t, schedule it ahead of time.

Batter and fry the croquettes.

The next day, we take the portions with a spoon, shape them, and go first with the flour. Then we fold in the beaten egg and finally repeat with the flour.
Once all the croquettes are wrapped (we’ve made 46), we just need to freeze them and fry them in very hot extra virgin or extra virgin olive oil.

We produce them. To remove excess oil, place on absorbent paper.

You can delete the eggs if you don’t like them or are allergic to them. It’s not obvious, so I can post it because I like it.