Are these parts clean?

Are these parts clean?

Do you think that every part of the body is already clean after taking a shower every day? So there is a question. This is whether or not every part of your body is thoroughly cleaned after each bath.

If it is clean, are these parts clean?

Are you sure these parts are clean?

I shower every day. Even if you shampoo your hair every week, you rarely clean these parts thoroughly. Let’s check together to make sure it’s clean.


Washing your head regularly does not mean that your scalp is clean. When you wash your hair, the main thing is to relieve the stickiness of the hair.

There are people who scratch the scalp with their nails, but those who properly remove the dead cells from the scalp and clean it are rare.

Behind the ear

I cleaned the earwax from the ear due to ear itching, but I applied Thanaka. They tend to apply makeup on top of each other, and if their hair is long, they don’t clean the backs of their ears, which tend to get sticky with sweat.


When you bathe, you can reach your hands and smell bad, so you clean your armpits, but because it is not in front of your eyes, it is rare to clean your back.

In this way, fat accumulates on the back and forms lumps. Salt pimples started to form.

Under the nail

Instead, before eating I wash my hands every time I get out of the toilet, after every sneeze, and whenever I touch anything dirty, but I rarely wash the underside of my nails.

Actually, the bacteria live under the nail. Therefore, in order to prevent infections from entering the stomach through the hands, wash the underside of the nails thoroughly every time you wash your hands.


Although they brush their teeth regularly, they rarely bite their tongues. In fact, the tongue is like a sponge. Everything that is put into the mouth and eaten is absorbed by the tongue. So when you brush your teeth, you need to brush your teeth and your tongue carefully.

Your teeth should be white, and your tongue should be pink.


When bathing the elbow, it is very rare. In fact, every time the assistant touches the elbow during the day, infections and dust may stick to it. That’s why there are crusty spots on the elbows.

Between the toes

They fight to keep their feet clean, but very few people clean between their toes. Worms can also get stuck between the toes. So when you take a bath, clean between your toes thoroughly.


I clean the neck carefully because there will be rust on it, but it is very rare to clean the back of the neck.

In fact, you will need to thoroughly clean the gourd with warm water, mild soap, and a sponge.

Now… how? Have you cleaned these parts thoroughly?… If you haven’t, start cleaning them thoroughly today.