If you buy an iPhone, you should know eSIM and Dual SIM

If you buy an iPhone, you should know eSIM and Dual SIM

If you are buying an iPhone right now, there is one thing you should definitely know. This determines whether an eSIM (a physical single SIM) should be used to insert a SIM card.Choosing Dual SIM (physical Dual SIM).
So, what exactly is the distinction between eSIM and Dual SIM in iPhones?We will tell you who should choose which type.

Can an eSIM only be used as a single SIM?

If you only use a physical SIM card or if you choose the eSIM version, you can only use one SIM card. But if you use eSIM, there are still some ways to use dual SIM.

This is how eSIM is used, even as eSIM.Currently, most mobile operators in Myanmar do not support eSIM, whether they are going to other countries or not. Virtual SIMs are useful for buying and using, so this point should also be added.

Is there a difference between dual SIM and eSIM, and between regions?

Apple usually only produces eSIM worldwide, but in some countries and regions, it produces dual SIM. Therefore, there will be a difference between eSIM and dual SIM in terms of region.

However, there is no need to worry about this kind of region, and you will receive the full Apple Official Warranty as usual. In addition to the official Apple warranty, if you purchase the iPhone 14 Series from iSure, you will receive an additional year of warranty.The rest of the quality is the same, so this kind of regional difference is not a concern.

The difference between eSIM and Dual SIM…

This should be chosen depending on what you want to use. But if you want to use one SIM for work and one SIM for personal use within Myanmar, physical dual SIMs will be more convenient.

But if you are using only one SIM card and want to use virtual SIMs, then eSIM is also convenient.

One thing is that among the currently introduced iPhone 14 Series phones, eSim can only be used in the US region, so if you import it yourself from the US, you should be careful because there may be some things that cannot be used locally.