Alibaba’s 2022 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Alibaba’s 2022 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Despite macroeconomic challenges and COVID- related impact, Alibaba Group Holding Limited( NYSE BABA; HKEX 9988) moment successfully concluded its 14th periodic11.11 Global Shopping Festival(“11.11″) and delivered results in line with last time’s GMV performance.

This time’s11.11 featured over,000 brands from over 90 countries and regions across,000 product orders. In the first four hours of the alternate check- eschewal window, which started at 8p.m. on November 10, further than 130 brands exceeded RMB 100 million in member- generated GMV. further than,600 brands saw their member- generated GMV further than double compared with the first four hours of last time’s alternate check- eschewal window.

” We thank all our sharing merchandisers and mates in our ecosystem for working with us to deliver another11.11 global shopping jubilee that demonstrates a steady, promising growth line.” Our precedence for this11.11 was to enhance certainty for our merchandisers ’ operations.” We’re pleased to have helped our sharing brands and merchandisers accumulate new pious guests during the jubilee. We’re also encouraged to see the emergence of new consumption trends with huge untapped eventuality.” We’ll continue to introduce and strengthen our capabilities to give our merchandisers with dependable openings for long- term growth and make combined sweats to meet consumers ’ evolving requirements.”

In its alternate time running wholly on the pall,

this time’s11.11 Global Shopping Festival has seen bettered calculating effectiveness thanks to high- performance computing and innovative technology deployment. The computing cost per resource unit was reduced by 8 compared to last time from April 1 to November 11. Alibaba Cloud’s five hyperactive- scale data centers across China doubled the quantum of clean energy used to support this time’s11.11 compared to last time.

Other highlights from the 202211.11 Global Shopping Festival. overseas brands on Tmall Global achieved time- on- time GMV growth of further than 100.

This time’s11.11 saw strong growth in orders similar as sports & outside, pet products, collectible toys, and jewelry.

further than 300 million consumers have watched livestreaming sessions hosted on Taobao Live since the launch of the presale period. During the entire deals period, 62 influencer and trafficker- run livestreaming channels exceeded RMB 100 million in GMV, and 632 influencer and trafficker- run livestreaming channels exceeded RMB 10 million in GMV.

About 2 million packages were delivered by 700

automated guided vehicles( AGVs), doubling the number from last time.

During this time’s11.11, Cainiao rolled out a package recycling action across further than,000 Cainiao Post stations, recovering nearly 4 million tinderbox parcel boxes from November 1 to 11. During11.11, further than,000 consumers dispatched parcels using recycled cartons at Cainiao Post stations on a diurnal base.

Over1.63 million products showcased on Tmall during11.11 this time were labeledeco-friendly and low- carbon footmark products, covering orders similar as vesture, cosmetics, food, and energy-effective electronic goods.

During11.11, pastoral Taobao Live livestreamers hosted over,000 livestreaming sessions featuring original products.

A crusade for agrarian products on Taobao Live that crowned in a special livestreaming session on November 7 eased deals of35.49 million agrarian products from the launch of the deals period to November 7, with a total GMV of over,000 SKUs further than doubling compared with the same period last time.

Note All times mentioned in this press release relate to Beijing time.

Unless else stated, the data points included in this press release are for the entire deals period of the11.11 Global Shopping Festival, which started October 31, 2022, and ended November 11, 2022. Time- on- time growth rates are compared against the same period in 2021. The GMV bared in this press release refers to the total value of orders in RMB settled through Alipay on Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall platforms. It’s reported on a real- time base and includes shipping charges paid( where applicable). All GMV and other numbers presented in this press release are unaudited and subject to adaptations.

About the11.11 Global Shopping Festival

The11.11 Global Shopping Festival began in 2009 with participation from just 27 merchandisers as an event for merchandisers and consumers to raise mindfulness about the value of online shopping.