Why Are Chinese Stocks Up Today?

Why Are Chinese Stocks Up Today?

Tuesday’s gains in Chinese stocks are due to a rebound in shares of Chinese businesses following yesterday’s decline.
As part of China’s zero-Covid policy, ongoing lockdowns contributed to yesterday’s dip. China’s own people and markets have been affected by restrictions pertaining to Covid-19 for some time. All of this came to a head over the weekend, when citizens who were sick of having to deal with the restrictions staged protests.

The Chinese government has stated that it will loosen restrictions on Covid-19 as a response. As the nation also works to raise vaccination and booster rates among its citizens, this could result in fewer lockdowns.

As a result of this news, Chinese stocks have rallied today in the hope that the economy of the country will recover. Let’s take a look at some of those stocks below to see how this is affecting them!
Today, Chinese stocks rose Nio (NYSE:The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company’s shares rose 7.1% on Tuesday morning, kicking off today’s discussion.

Alibaba, Inc.BABA)

shares are the next item on our list, and as of this writing, the Chinese e-commerce company’s stock has increased by 5.7%.

Alibaba (NASDAQ:The shares of BIDU) stock, which gained 6.4% this morning, are added to the list.
The company BilibiliOur list of rising Chinese stocks comes to an end today with BILI, whose shares have increased by 22.6% as of this writing.

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Why are EV stocks rising today in China?

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