Get Ready for the Next Bull Market

Get Ready for the Next Bull Market

In a bull market, each of these players could succeed.
First, let’s talk about the bad news. Nobody knows exactly when the next bull market will start. The good news is, however. There will be a bull market. We know from history that bear markets are eventually followed by periods of high performance. Therefore, investors should prepare for brighter times as they navigate the challenging market of today.

And the best time to begin is right now. This year, a lot of great businesses have had problems, but they have what it takes to come back and do well in a bull market. Investors can now purchase shares of these companies at attractive prices. So why delay? Take into consideration these three smart purchases that you should make before 2023.

1. It’s possible that a lot of packages have been delivered

this year by Amazon (AMZN -0.67%). However, the online retailer has not provided share performance. The stock is expected to fall by 45 percent. Over the past year, Amazon’s earnings have disappointed investors. The company’s costs have increased as a result of higher inflation, which has reduced customers’ purchasing power.

These issues have not ended. As a result, Amazon’s earnings may not recover immediately. However, this does not alter Amazon’s positive long-term outlook. It is essential to keep in mind that the current economic difficulties are temporary. Additionally, Amazon is prepared to withstand the storm.

Why I’m optimistic is as follows: Amazon leads two markets that are expanding by double digits: cloud computing and online shopping. Amazon has increased the number of Prime subscribers in e-commerce. Also, these individuals are spending more and depending more on Amazon for labor and products. When things get better for the economy, this should pay off.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to experience double-digit growth in cloud computing. Additionally, Amazon has increased its investment in this vital company. In most cases, Amazon’s operating income is driven by AWS.

Additionally, Amazon is examining its cost structure. It will be able to get through the tough times with this, and once a bull market starts, it should be more profitable.

The value of Amazon’s shares in relation to sales is at its lowest level since 2015. Clearly, now is the best time to participate in the story.

2. This year, shares of Starbucks (SBUX -1.16%)

have performed better than the overall market. However, they are still on track for a 12% decline.

In addition, the stock is currently trading at 29 times expected future earnings, down from 40 times earlier this year.

This appears to be a good deal for the following reasons: First, Starbucks continues to see double-digit revenue growth. Revenue increased by 11% in the most recent quarter, reaching a record $8.4 billion.

Why are the gains being made? Starbucks’ devoted patrons. During the quarter, Starbucks Rewards members made up more than half of all purchases made in U.S. stores. Additionally, this membership base continues to expand. The number of active Rewards members in the United States rose 16% during the quarter to 28.7 million.

China’s restrictions on the coronavirus have limited the potential for total revenue. As a result, you can see Starbucks performing even better in the future. This future might arrive soon. China recently relaxed its regulations. This should give Starbucks a boost, especially considering that China is the company’s second-largest market after the United States. Another reason to be optimistic about Starbucks is the “reinvention” plan it recently launched. The company intends to concentrate on a number of growth areas. For instance, it will increase opportunities for store licensing, which typically increase return on invested capital. In addition, Starbucks wants to increase beverage innovation and open new locations to meet customer demand.

Non-GAAP (EPS) earnings-per-share growth and double-digit revenue growth are the objectives.

All of this indicates that numerous share price catalysts are imminent. Additionally, buying these cheap shares now could be advantageous for you.

3. Walt Disney World Walt Disney (DIS -0.45%)

is at a crucial turning point. One of the most prominent CEOs was recently reinstated by the entertainment giant. The move was intended to boost growth while cutting costs. After two years, CEO Bob Iger will name a replacement.

Iger appears to be the ideal candidate for the position. He was CEO when the blockbuster film Frozen was released and led Disney through important acquisitions like Marvel. During his tenure, Disney’s market value also soared.

Disney isn’t just getting started from scratch. The theme parks operated by the company continue to be popular worldwide. Moreover, revenue is rising.

In the most recent fiscal year, the parks, experiences, and products unit saw a 73% increase in revenue. Additionally, the unit’s operating income increased to $1.5 billion from the previous year, more than doubling. Additionally, spending in parks is on the rise. From fiscal 2019, per-capita spending increased by almost 40%. Since this unit typically generates the most revenue for Disney, strength in it is crucial.

Disney’s streaming services have also been losing money more and more. To grow this business and acquire subscribers, the company has made significant investments. Disney raised the cost of its ad-free streaming service recently. That ought to be beneficial to the business as it tries to bring this unit closer to profitability.

Disney trades at 22 times estimates for future earnings. This is a decrease from around 40 earlier this year. Right now is a great time to buy due to the parks business’s ongoing strength and Iger’s return. Disney stands out during a bull market if Iger achieves at least some of his objectives.