Why Microsoft Stock Topped the Market Today

Why Microsoft Stock Topped the Market Today

An important announcement was made by the prominent artificial intelligence partner of the company.
What took place On Wednesday, Microsoft (MSFT, 4.69 percent) and its shareholders reaped the benefits of a smart push into artificial intelligence (AI). Investors were cautiously optimistic about a business the tech company has bet on announcing a move to capitalize on its renowned innovation.

Thus, ChatGPT, arguably the most well-known AI application currently available, has entered the commercial market. On its official blog, OpenAI, the platform’s developer, announced the launch of a ChatGPT plus pilot subscription plan. Even during peak times, users who pay $20 per month will have unlimited access to ChatGPT. Additionally, OpenAI promises priority access to system upgrades and new features as well as faster response times.

Customers in the United States can now use ChatGPT plus, and OpenAI said that in the coming weeks, it will begin inviting people who are on the waitlist for the service. Timing was not made any more specific.

It continued, “We love our free users and will continue to provide free access to ChatGPT.” We will be able to support free access availability for as many people as possible by providing this subscription pricing.”

Now what? Even though it hasn’t yet had a significant impact, all of this has a direct impact on Microsoft. OpenAI has received three rounds of funding from the tech giant, making it a significant investor. The company has not disclosed how much it has spent or whether this gives it any meaningful ownership stake.

Regardless, AI is unmistakably one of Microsoft’s many goals. It is backing a prize horse in the race by investing directly in OpenAI.