Correlation sites have been around for quite a while however very few in Singapore are really mindful about them. Heartland Boy, for his part, believes that using a comparison website enables him to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various options, assists him in evaluating them, and ultimately helps him secure the best deal available. Heartland Boy will demonstrate in this article how he uses price comparison websites to obtain the best deal.

AIR TICKETS Heartland Boy probably encountered comparison websites for the first time at this event. At the point when he was as yet a youthful undergrad on an abroad trade program, he was consistently looking for modest financial plan carriers. SkyScanner was at the time his favorite airline ticket comparison website. He learned about Easyjet, Vueling, Wizzair, and other budget airlines through SkyScanner. If not, he would have completely relied on Ryanair, the only budget airline he was familiar with at the time. He was able to save several hundred dollars on European flights by using SkyScanner. Because this behavior was reinforced so frequently, it is now his first stop whenever he fantasizes about his next adventure.


Heartland Boy was the kind of kiasi who would immediately begin looking for travel insurance policies after booking his vacation. Heartland Boy has experienced the financial benefits of filing a claim for flight delays, so purchasing travel insurance is crucial. Due to the fact that insurance companies seem to constantly offer promotions to entice customers, it is essential to compare travel insurance policies. He has just started comparing travel insurance policies with SingSaver.

TRANSPORT Heartland Boy immediately launches his Shopback mobile app when placing an order for a taxi. The Shopback mobile app shows users the lowest price for their chosen destination by comparing rides from Grab, ComfortDelgro, and RYDE operators.

Heartland Boy only pays the lowest possible price by comparing his rides first. Additionally, if you book your Grab rides through the Shopback platform, you will receive $0.20 in cashback. When it launches officially in Singapore, who knows if it will include the enormous Go-Jek. He has stayed in Jakarta previously, so he is aware of how fantastic Go-Jek can be!

CARDS Choosing the right credit card

for your travel and transportation needs can earn you cash or air miles. Heartland Boy can cut through the numerous credit card options offered by Singapore’s various banks by using comparison websites. Heartland Boy goes to SingSaver and selects the “Cashback Credit Cards” category to quickly review the best cashback credit cards on the market. This is a very useful filter that saves him a lot of time because he only needs to look at a smaller number of credit cards.

Other than cashback, clients can likewise channel via air miles, rewards, feasting, shopping and my undisputed top choice — “best arrangements”. In addition, SingSaver offers attractive on-site promotions in addition to the banks’ own welcome gifts. After signing up for the SCB Unlimited Cashback Credit Card and the HSBC Advance Credit Card, Heartland Boy personally applied for both of them and was presented with vouchers and cash gifts from SingSaver. SingSaver’s offers are typically the most generous, and they also carry the most products, according to comparison sites. In addition to credit cards, they offer personal loans that are among the most generous.


In a similar vein, selecting a competitive savings account with a high interest rate can be a difficult and time-consuming process. SingSaver, a comparison website, impresses with its user-friendly interface that enables users to compare various savings accounts, just like its offering for credit cards. You may likewise make a beeline for Seedly for client surveys on every one of the bank accounts out there on the lookout.

This may not qualify as an examination site fundamentally. However, Heartland Boy is able to select the restaurant with the best discount from Eatigo at a time and location that work best for him.

Heartland Boy is such a fervent Eatigo user that he has already racked up thousands of savings by using the discounts for free! eatigo-dining-deal-heartland-boy Over thousands of participating merchants offering varying discounts across various time slots Sign up using my referral code to receive $5!