Google Calendar Bug Reported To Create Incorrect Events

Google Calendar Bug Reported To Create Incorrect Events

According to reports, Google Calendar users have encountered a bug that causes the application to generate random events based on emails in the user’s Gmail inbox.

The issue appears to have been reported by a number of users of the Android and iOS Google Calendar app. The bug has been accounted for by different clients on Twitter too, who took to the virtual entertainment stage to share screen captures of their Schedule applications loaded up with irregular occasions.

9to5Google reported that Google Calendar has been displaying randomly generated events that are triggered by messages in users’ Gmail inboxes but do not necessarily relate to any actual events.

On some Android and iOS devices, a bug in the Gmail mobile application is to blame for the incorrectly created events, most of which appear to be all-day events. The report also stated that the specific bug that caused this is unknown.

On Twitter, a number of users were spotted posting screenshots of their Google Calendar apps, which were filled with all-day events that did not actually involve the user.

However, doing so would prevent Google Calendar from monitoring actual events from your Gmail inbox and sending users notifications for the same as a reminder. The glitch may be fixed by heading to Settings > Events > Turn Off “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar.” Users of Google Calendar may use this to clear out clutter on their calendars.

It is essential to keep in mind that Google has not officially acknowledged, addressed, or provided a solution to the reported bug.

The Alphabet-owned search engine introduced a “Focus time” entries feature last year, allowing users to schedule a time when all meeting requests will be rejected automatically.

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