Google mocks Apple for not adopting RCS messaging

Google mocks Apple for not adopting RCS messaging

Apple’s refusal to implement RCS—also known as Rich Communication Services—has irked Google ever since.Google has now targeted Apple on the 30th anniversary of SMS, following the launch of a campaign to force Apple to adopt RCS.

RCS is a move forward over the customary SMS Separated from sending plain messages as messages, RCS will likewise allow clients to add media like pictures, recordings or stickers.In a blog post, Google stated that Apple is lagging behind the majority of mobile phone manufacturers in using RCS.Even after 30 years, Apple still does not accept RCS, according to the search giant.

With the exception of Apple, “all of the major mobile carriers and manufacturers have adopted RCS as the standard.”Apple’s texting is stuck in the 1990s because it refuses to implement RCS and continues to use SMS to communicate with Android phone users.

In a blog post titled “Happy birthday and farewell, SMS,” Neena Budhiraja,

Group Product Manager at Messages by Google.
Budhiraja explained why RCS is safer than SMS by pointing to a few of its features.The fact that RCS supports end-to-end encryption while SMS does not is the primary reason she cited.

She mentioned that all one-on-one texts sent with Messages by Google are encrypted, making them private and secure. Only the sender and the recipient can see the messages, so no one else can access them.

Additionally, Budhiraja stated that RCS is intended to function globally.Every one of the significant versatile transporters and producers have taken on RCS as the norm — with the exception of Apple.

Apple’s iMessage service makes it easier to talk to other iPhones.The services are safe and encrypted, but when interacting with an Android device, the Cupertino giant uses standard messaging services.

The services aren’t as interactive as they should be, the layout is boring because the green bubble doesn’t look good, and it’s hard to share multimedia between an iOS and Android device without installing an extra app.Google is desperate for Apple to adopt the Rich Communication services in order to resolve the issue.

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