Newly introduced 10th Gen iPad and M2 iPad Pro

Newly introduced 10th Gen iPad and M2 iPad Pro

Apple has now officially introduced two new iPads, the iPad 10th Gen and the new iPad Pro. Now that both new iPads include many upgrades, here’s how they’ve changed…

iPad 10th Gen

The iPad 10th generation has a completely new all-screen design instead of the previous design with a home button. The color is blue. Pink You will be able to choose new colors that are more beautiful, such as yellow and silver.

The display uses a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display with 500 nits of brightness and True Tone technology. Touch ID has also been moved to the top button, like on the iPad Air 5, instead of the previous Home Button.

The A14 Bionic chip is used in terms of performance, and it will be able to perform up to 20 percent more in terms of CPU than before. In addition to Wi-Fi 6, 5G can be supported, and the USB-C port has been changed so it can be connected faster.

The 12MP Ultra Wide Front Camera has been changed to Landscape to make video calls more convenient. As for other accessories, the Apple Pencil 1st Gen continues to be supported, as well as Function Keys. The new Magic Keyboard Folio with TrackPads will also be available.

M2 iPad Pro

Apple has also introduced the new M2 iPad Pro, which is an upgrade to the current M1 iPad Pro. As the M2 chip has been upgraded, the CPU will be 15 percent faster than before, and the GPU will be 35 percent faster than before. In addition, it will be up to 50 percent faster because it can support unified memory bandwidth up to 100 GB/s than before, and since it includes 16 GB of memory and multitasking, it will be more convenient when carrying out large projects.

The M2 iPad Pro has also improved the camera and can record ProRes video just like the iPhone. So, using the Media Engine included in the M2 chip, you can shoot and edit ProRes videos on the iPad Pro up to three times faster than before.

In addition to improved performance due to the M2 chip, when using the Apple Pencil, a new feature called “Pencil Hover” has been obtained. The Apple Pencil Hover Feature can detect the Pencil from a distance of 12 mm from the iPad Display and show users a preview. So, adjust the brush size in advance. When writing with Scribble, the text field box will be enlarged.

In terms of other connections, the iPad Pro will continue to support 5G, and Wi-Fi 6E has been supported. Since there is no change in design, other accessories besides the previous Magic Keyboard will continue to be used.

In terms of software, due to iPadOS 16, it will be possible to use features such as Stage Manager, Reference Mode, and Davinci Resolve, a professional color grading and video editing software, for the first time on iPads. So I can say that the M2 iPad Pro is completely designed for professionals to use on the go.

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