Two new Google Chrome features

Two new Google Chrome features

On Google Chrome, I currently have 47 tabs open. You’ll want to know about a new update if you’re like me.

Google is releasing two Chrome performance settings over the next few weeks to conserve memory and battery power. Chrome 108 will make the update available to Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS desktop users.

What’s coming and how to download the updates are explained here.

Energy Saver mode

Chrome will enter Energy Saver mode when your laptop’s battery level reaches 20%, extending the battery life. This will be accomplished by restricting background activity and visual effects on websites with animated or video-like complex visuals.

You will be able to turn on Energy Saver mode by seeing a leaf icon in the upper right corner of your browser when the update is live. Energy Saver mode will automatically activate when your battery life reaches that 20 percent threshold.

Memory Saver mode

is also being introduced by Google. This is for people who are working on multiple tabs simultaneously. The tabs you are actually using are given priority when Memory Saver mode is activated. While the inactive tabs will reload for you whenever you require them, Chrome will free up memory from the tabs you aren’t currently using.

Chrome will, according to Google, use up to 30% less memory as a result of the new feature, resulting in faster or smoother browsing. An icon indicating the amount of space that Memory Saver has freed up will be visible in the upper right corner of Chrome when it is being used.

How to update your Chrome browser Over the next few weeks, the new update will be available worldwide. Follow these steps to ensure that you are using the most recent version of Chrome.

On your desktop, launch Chrome.
On the upper right, click the three-spot symbol.
Navigate to Help > About Chrome.
Click Google Chrome Update. If you are unable to locate this button, you are already running the most recent version.
Launch the Chrome browser once more after you’ve updated.
These two new features should appear in a new Performance sidebar menu in Settings.
You are prepared.

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